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 High-quality service since 1920

Our facilities for accommodation and meetings provoke architectural interest around the world. Designed by Valter and Ivar Thomén, our beautiful Club was built in 1920 to be used by G. A. Serlachius Inc. as facilities for festivities.

We cherish this valuable history, utilizing state-of-the-art possibilities, to guarantee you an unforgettable experience at the Club.

At Mänttä Club, you can arrange an unforgettable event in one address, accommodated in unique rooms.

The Mänttä Club property is owned by Kauko Sorjonen Foundation.


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Hotel/Restaurant Mänttä Club

Art Hotel Honkahovi

MÄNTÄN KLUBI • Tehtaankatu 33 • 35800 Mänttä • +358 (0)3 474 5900 • Open times
ART HOTEL HONKAHOVI • Johtokunnantie 11 • 35800 Mänttä • +358 (0)3 474 7005 • Open times

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