We provide Klubin™ accommodations in two of our unique resorts

3 Mistress' Room

Two-person room

Room type: Superior

Equipment: Desk, Hair dryer, TV, Bathroom, Mini-bar

Bathroom shared with room number 2

Room rates

”That crown has brought with it a dazzling glamour but can any person exceed the beauty of this milieu? A perfection stylized with Nature's own paint brush – like a mirror of the soul. If I waded into the still, shallow water, how would my face be reflected from the watery realm?”

Ester Toivonen, Miss Europe 1934, often visited Ruth and Gösta Serlachius in the Joenniemi mansion and its horse-riding paths. One of the paths that leads from the center of Mänttä, Honkahovi, to the Joenniemi mansion, is known as Lemmenpolku (”Love Path”).