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Reservation terms and conditions regarding accommodation services

Mäntän Klubi Ltd. reservation and cancellation policy

1. Reservation and confirmation

When making a reservation, customer has to give his/hers name, home address, the date of arrival and departure and the payment method.

Mäntän Klubi Ltd. is bound by the reservation once it has been confirmed verbally, in writing or for example by email.


2. Arrival and deprature
Booked room is available to the customer 3 pm on the day of arrival and it has to be vacated at 12 pm on the day of the departure. The room is reserved for the customer until 6 pm. If the customer arrives to the hotel later than that, he/she has to inform hotel at the risk of losing reservation.


3. Cancellation and failure to arrive

  1. Reservation made by individual people can be cancelled without charge up until 6 pm on the day prior to the arrival date. If the customer fails to arrive, Mäntän Klubi has the right to charge him/her for one night’s accommodation.
  2. Group bookings can be cancelled or postponed without charge, if cancellation is made a week before the visit. If the reservation is cancelled later, the customer may be charged 50% of the value of the reservation for the nights that can’t be sold to someone else. 
  3. If confirmed group reservation is cancelled 1-3 days before visit, the customer will be charged of the entire value of the reservation.
  4. In case of force majeure Mäntän Klubi Ltd. has right to cancel the reservation.


4. Departure before the agreed date

If the customer leaves before agreed departure date, has he/she inform Mäntän Klubi Ltd. no later than 6 pm on the day before departure. Otherwise hotel has the right to charge one night stay as compensation.


5. Customer’s behavior at the accommodation company
Customer is obliged to observe a good behavior and to take into consideration the rules of the hotel. If the customer fundamentally breaks the rules, he/she can immediately be removed from the accommodation. However, in this case customer has to pay for the accommodation as well as the additional services he/she has ordered.


6. Customers responsibility for damages

Smoking is not allowed in the hotel/hotelrooms. In case that customer smokes inside Mäntän Klubi hotels, will he/she be charged 100€ ventilation fee.
Pet’s are not allowed to visit hotel without the customer’s notification to hotel before the visit. There are only few hotelrooms, where pet’s are allowed. We charge 20€ fee/pet/room.
If customer brings pet to hotel without permiision, Mäntän Klubi charges 40€/pet/reservation.
Mäntän Klubi Ltd. does not take responsibility for allergies or other problems caused by smoking in the room or pet fur.

Mäntän Klubi Ltd. follows the common cancellation and reservation policy of Majoitus ja Ravintolapalvelut ry Mara.



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35800 Mänttä

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The restaurant is open by appointment.

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Arthotel Honkahovi

Johtokunnantie 11
35800 Mänttä

tel. +358 (3) 474 5900

Breakfast is served at Mänttä Club, Tehtaankatu 33.
Mon 8.00-9.00
Tue-Fri 7.00-9.00
Sat-Sun 9.00-10.30

The restaurant is open by appointment.

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