Activity packages

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Trolling trip

Accommodation in the historic main building of Mäntän Klubi (0.5 km to lake shore) or at Art Hotel Honkahovi. Honkahovi is situated in a beautiful lakeside location about 3 km from Mäntän Klubi. It is also possible to choose accommodation in a high class Mäntykallio log villa, about 20 minutes’ drive from the centre of Mänttä.

If the customer so wishes, the Mäntän Klubi kitchen can prepare a delicious meal out of the caught fish (pricing depends on the meal)

Fishing trip about 3 hours:

The organiser of the fishing trip is the leading fishing guide in Finland, Juha Happonen, and fishing guides authorised by him are equipped with high-quality fishing boats and fishing equipment. The guide has mastered all sport fishing methods and teaches the techniques to our customers. Previous fishing experience is not required.

Depending on the weather conditions, the trolling trip heads to Lake Keurusselkä (departure point 0.5 km from Mäntän Klubi or 2.5 km from Art Hotel Honkahovi) or to another lake, the departure point for which is Vilppulankoski harbour (about a 15-minute drive from the centre of Mänttä).

The fish targeted in trolling are, depending on the season, pike, perch, pike-perch, ide and lake trout.

  • Boats Tracker 21 ferry (1-6 people) and/or Tracker pro guide1 6 (1-3 people)

  • The package includes fishing licences, fishery fee €7/person

  • Transportation to the fishing spot (additional charge)

  • Club's high-quality packed lunch (additional charge)

  • The guide will fillet the catch (additional charge)

  • High-quality pole fishing gear can be purchased from the guide at a special price

  • The length of a fishing trip can be extended as the customer wishes (€110/hour)

Season: 15 April - 31 October

Price: €167/person/day (price per fishing party minimum €668), size of party maximum 15 people.

The price includes a fishing trip, accommodation at Mäntän Klubi or Honkahovi in a double room, and breakfast

In addition, if needed, the catch can be vacuum packed to go, if the customer has a cool box that can be plugged into the car, for example.